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At we are not in a position to offer debt or financial advice but we do provide links to some of the organisations in the UK that do, who are unbiased and offer free advice.

We advise that where possible you try to find an alternative to a payday loan before applying for one. If you are able to borrow money from friends or family for example, this won’t incur any interest charges.

If you can’t afford to comfortably pay it pack, you shouldn’t apply for a payday loan.

If you have taken out a loan and can’t afford to make the repayment on time it is important that you speak direct to your lender as soon as you can. They should be able to help you to find a solution that will enable you to pay back the money over a longer period. UK  payday lenders are bound by law to assist you as much as possible.

Free independent debt advice

When you are faced with debt and trying to work out how to overcome it, it can often feel like you are facing it completely alone. A short term payday loan may not be the answer to your financial situation and it could be worth speaking to someone before applying, especially if you often find that you are struggling to cope financially. Thankfully there is help available from several agencies in the UK that offer free and impartial debt advice without judgement.

Here are some of the UK organizations that are available for you to speak to free and confidentially:

The Money Advice Service

The Money Advice Service helps you manage your money better. Use our Health Check tool, calculators and comparison tables to make the most of your finances.

Call them: 0300 500 5000
or Visit their website


National Debtline

National Debtline offers free, confidential and independent advice on how to deal with debt problems for people in England, Scotland and Wales.

Call them: 0808 808 4000
or Visit their website


StepChange (CCCS)

The CCCS provide a free helpline offering free, independent and impartial advice to people that live in the UK who have debt problems.

Call them: 0800 138 1111 (free phone including all mobiles)
or Visit their website


Civil Legal Advice (CLA)

If you qualify for legal aid and live in England or Wales, CLA can provide free help or legal advice over the phone for problems with debt if your home is at risk, housing and much more.

Call them: 0845 345 4345
or Visit their website



Payplan provides free money advice and budgeting help to people living in the UK, including free debt management plans and IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements) without upfront fees.

Call them: 0800 280 2816
or Visit their website


Advice guide

Advice Guide is part of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and provides information on your rights, including benefits, housing, family matters and employment, and on debt, consumer and legal issues.
Visit their website